Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sadness and Results

Collecting the stories of shootings this week, I looked forward to posting the results and looking for patterns. I had a conversation with a victim's extended family member that made me stop this project. I will discuss patterns after this, but my friend's words made me depressed.

The shooting that killed my friend's loved one was a ridiculous shooting that started with an argument. Just an argument between a couple, and she used her little brother to gun down her boyfriend. He will go to jail for murder and possibly be sentenced to death if convicted. How little is life valued? How little impulse control do people have? How does an argument lead to someone deciding to gun an unsuspecting man down? It is sick and a symptom of a disease in society. My friend was down as the murderer's family was doing the 'cover' routine and not calling him out for his actions and his sister's actions that killed a man. The worst part of my conversation with my friend was that this was not the first loved one she had be a murder victim.

Patterns from looking at the shootings:
People move out of higher crime areas.
White flight does happen for good reasons: crime. Gun crimes are a great indicator of general crime levels.
Black flight does happens as well as the law abiding citizens of an area get enough money and move out.
Moving into gentrified areas is a safer choice 10+ years into the process. It might cost more money, but the area will be safer 10+ years into gentrification.
Hispanics limited by economics are moving into poor, crime infested neighborhoods that whites and blacks are abandoning. It will be interesting if they can change the area into one of less crime.

My response to the Indianapolis Star's article on people needing to live closer to other groups is:

People will seek safe neighborhoods and seek good school districts. The gun crime in Indianapolis is far more likely to occur in mixed neighborhoods or neighborhoods which are majority or a plurality black. Teaching the world to sing and drinking a Coca-Cola might work in TV ads, but it doesn't in the real world.

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