Monday, September 26, 2011

Gas Station Robbery Fail

A robber attempts to raid a gas station. He pulls and gun and when the clerk says 'no' to giving up cash he pulls the trigger. The gun misfires. He is caught on security cameras, but we don't have a description, which would help find him.

This address 9150 east 21st st is technically in warren twp. This location is right on the edge of two census tracts:

tract 1 - Grown 9% since 2000 - 60% white, 29% black, 6% hispanic. Whites fleeing, blacks increased by 349%.
tract 2 - Dropped 4% since 2000 - 28% white, 57% black, 9% hispanic. Whites fleeing, blacks increased by 54%.

The hispanic pop is growing quickly in these tracts, but their numbers are still small in absolute terms.

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