Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two Northside Shootings

Two really odd, northside shootings where you wonder what was going on to get the bullets to miss and hit the unintended targets. The woman shot in her kitchen was at the 3100 block of Ruckle St, which per the NY times 2010 census maps has lost 33% of its population since 2000. Oddly enough, the racial breakdown and changes show that it might be the cutting edge of gentrification. This shooting might show it's a bit early for that. The breakdown is:

11% white, 84% black, 2% hispanic - The white pop has grown by 100%, while the black population has dropped 40%. This might be a bit of static, so I shouldn't directly say it is gentrification.

The 2nd location with the bullets flying through the man's bedroom has lost 26% of its population since 2000. That tract has a breakdown of:

2% white, 93% black, 2% hispanic - While the few remaining whites are fleeing and blacks are leaving in droves, hispanics are starting to move in.

Let's hope the police find the shooters.

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