Thursday, August 4, 2011

Robberies Possibly Connected to Previous Post on Armed Robbery

This is a link to an article on a series of armed robberies with a man using a handgun helped by a woman with a stun gun. Sound familiar? I bet it's the same duo from the 46th st & Pennsylvania mugging as it's the same MO and only 8 blocks away.

Once again, the media fails to give us a description. With two assailants, this would give us twice as many chances to get one of these attackers. Release sketch artist renditions or descriptions please. The newspapers are suppose to inform the public of the world around them. This would be a help to the community with catching these armed and dangerous robbers.

This area is also at the nexus of multiple census tracts. All are losing population. One appears to have slowly started to gentrify.

Census tract 322 - 29% white, 63% black, 2% hispanic, 5% other. - 9% drop in total pop since 2000. White pop rose 40% since 2000. This census tract is the one on the northern border of 38th and above.
Census tract 3503 - 18% white, 77% black, 2% hispanic, 2% other. - 31% drop in total pop since 2000.
Census tract 3905 - 9% white, 87% black, 2% hispanic, 2% other. - 22% drop in total pop since 2000.

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