Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Northwest Shootout at Walmart

Shootout at the Walmart. The shooters, Pittman and Neal, are both career criminals. Pittman was actually not suppose to be released until Sept 24th, and was in a community transition program. This is a terrible transition. Let's hope they are sentenced to longer terms, and stay behind bars for a decade or so, and since this would be a violation of parole, we'd hope he'd get his original sentence reapplied and then more time. I have to ask, why was Pittman out right now if he was sentenced to 4 years in Jan of 2010?

Location was near the intersection of 86th and Michigan in a Walmart parking lot. It is more commercial. That is at the nexus of 3 different census tracts which are all experiencing white flight (big time). Those census tracts, per the NY Times 2010 census map, are:

52% white, 34% black, 8% hispanic, 6% other - White pop dropped 21% since 2000.
46% white, 32% black, 16% hispanic, 6% other - White pop dropped 38% since 2000.
69% white, 21% black, 5% hispanic, 6% other - White pop dropped 16% since 2000.

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