Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lawrence Shooting

Northeast side right at the southern part of Lawrence shooting. Victim survived but was hit twice. This location, 46th and Pendleton Pike, is at the nexus of 2 census tracts. The stats are as follows:

Census tract 3307 - 58% white, 5% black 33% hispanic, 4% other. - 7% population growth since 2000. Hispanics are streaming into this area (nearly 1000% growth).
Census tract 330806 - 17% white, 63% black 16% hispanic, 4% other. - 17% population decrease since 2000. Whites and hispanics are leaving the area.

Article is poorly written and gives no description of the group of men who opened fire on the young man and his friend. Let's hope the cops find the guys who are armed and obviously dangerous.

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