Monday, August 29, 2011

Eastside Shooting

A man was shot in the stomach in what looks like a drug deal gone wrong behind a bar. This location, the intersection of Mass Ave and Arlington Ave, is on the line of two census tracts. The census tracts, per the NY Times 2010 census maps are:

Tract A - 12% white, 83% black, 3% hispanic - Lost 14% of its pop since 2000. Blacks & whites both leaving tract. Hispanics moving in.
Tract B - 39% white, 49% black, 8% hispanic - Blacks & hispanics moving in, whites fleeing.

The victim was reported as Dennis Fletcher. He had a substance on him which was recovered by the police. He had a record for a drug related felony, which supposedly carried a 15 year sentence. Looks like he was released a bit early.

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