Friday, August 26, 2011

Armed Robbers Caught by Weave Description

Armed robbers foiled by their own hairdos. Pretty amazing that the hair stylist could describe such a unique weave, and that was how the police tracked the duo down. Maybe the lessons here are don't commit crime and don't rob a hair salon with your woman present who has an exotic hairstyle. This location 2112 Broad Ripple Ave is on the line for two census tracts. The census tracts are both losing population a tad (10% for one, and 1% for the other):

tract 1 - 90% white, 3% black, 3% hispanic, 4%other
tract 2 - 93% white, 2% black, 2% hispanic, 3% other

Could this duo be the same duo that was doing that string of daytime robberies and break ins with the handgun and taser earlier? This is well north of their other robberies. Of course, the police and media are not giving any details, but if it is that duo, they can be looking at armed robbery with serious bodily harm and a long long sentence. The prior duo was only described in the newspaper as a clean cut man and a woman wearing a scarf. This duo is a black couple where the man has a well trimmed goatee and the woman has a unique weave. Marlon Sims is a career criminal who has committed multiple robberies. This is another armed robbery that carries a sentence of 6-20 years. Because of his multiple robberies, it might make sense to sentence him to the full 20 years and keep him in jail into his 70s. Marlon Sims' record is here.

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