Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Months ago I read a story in the Indy Star that said folks in Indy could stand to live in a more sprinkled form of diversity. We needed to be neighbors more. This writer constantly baits her readers, so she was trying to make them feel uncomfortable. Indianapolis has also been cited as the best integrated city in the union. This blog is to track shootings in Indianapolis and look at the demographics of that location. I also want to track for themes: drugs, alcohol, previous arrests, etc. This might explain why those readers that the journalist was trying to 'guilt trip' are making a rationale choice by living where they live. She has picked multiple targets, even going so far as to dare black citizens to behave at the Indy Black Expo and then when they did behave, wonder if all the cops were needed. Silly journalist. This is a tracking of shootings in Indy and the surrounding area that I find in the Indy Star; the journalist's very employer.

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