Friday, July 29, 2011

Eastside Shooting

Eastside shooting kills 1, and 1 other is hurt. I am tacking apartment complex tag on this one as that area has lots of them. As more information comes in, the drug tag might be added. The location 200 North Shortridge Rd per the NY Tims census map: 68% white, 21% black, 8% hispanic.

Victim was identified as black by WISH TV. The hurt individual was found in a car that was similar to one described leaving the scene of the crime. That car had crashed into a parked van. In the car were two women and two children (ages 3 and 4).

UPDATE: A 17 year old has been identified. The victim was 16. The reporting is a bit shoddy, as it doesn't say if the 17 yr old was the shot man who survived to crash his car or if he is a 3rd person.

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