Saturday, July 30, 2011

Northside Shooting

A northside shooting just before midnight makes it 2 deadly shootings in one day. Surgery could not save this gunshot wound victim. The location, 4500 primrose Ave, had a demographic mix of: 27% white, 62% black, 7% hispanic, 3% other. This area lost 10% of population since 2000.

Victim was identified as black in the photo. Police are investigating and hopefully find the shooter.

UPDATE: The victim had previously been incarcerated and was just released in April.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Eastside Shooting

Eastside shooting kills 1, and 1 other is hurt. I am tacking apartment complex tag on this one as that area has lots of them. As more information comes in, the drug tag might be added. The location 200 North Shortridge Rd per the NY Tims census map: 68% white, 21% black, 8% hispanic.

Victim was identified as black by WISH TV. The hurt individual was found in a car that was similar to one described leaving the scene of the crime. That car had crashed into a parked van. In the car were two women and two children (ages 3 and 4).

UPDATE: A 17 year old has been identified. The victim was 16. The reporting is a bit shoddy, as it doesn't say if the 17 yr old was the shot man who survived to crash his car or if he is a 3rd person.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Armed Carjacking

Two men armed with guns carjacked a woman. The police responded to the 4100 block of Deborah St near the intersection of 34th st and Lafayette Rd. The cops brought a k9 unit that caught the bad guys. This location is a much more diverse location than previous entries: 32% white, 26% black, 39% hispanic, 3% other.

Please listen to the newscast video as it says the men stole the car, and the graphic says "Men Jump Out of Car During Chase". No mention that it was an armed carjacking. Just stealing a car is far less menacing sounding than two men robbing a vehicle with guns.

News video shows one of the men was black.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Greenwood Drug Shooting

Single shooting in Greenwood as a man attempting to sell drugs to a group was in an argument or disagreement and was shot for his behavior. Sad that another issue with drugs leads to a murder. Sad that the shooter felt the need to shoot another human rather than any other means of deterring an individual. This location, 500 W Smith Valley Rd, Greenwood, IN 46142, is: 92% white, 1% black, 4% hispanic, 3% other.

Shooter is not identified.

UPDATE: Victim is white male described as a career criminal. Sounds like the shooting was int he defense of another. Video here.

Greenwood Double Shooting

More victims of psychopaths and the need for drugs. Double homicide of a middle aged couple by a suspect in a liquor store robbery who after supposedly murdering these two, went on to supposedly rob a 5/3 bank. This location, 200 Brewer Place, Greenwood, IN is 89-93% white depending on the section of the NY Times map.

Shooter identified as black.

Fatality on Far Northwest Side

Man dies from GSW in the 7100 block of Rosehill. This was at in an apartment complex parking lot. Per the NY Times 2010 census map, this location 7100 Rosehill Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46260: 11% white, 66% black, 19% hispanic, 4% other.

Shooter not described. Police sketch, black male.

Double Shooting on 3700 Block

Double shooting on the 3700 block of North Butler Ave. Per the Ny Times 2010 census map, that location 3700 N Butler Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46218: 12% white, 83% black, 3% hispanic, 2% other.

Shooter not described.

UPDATE: One victim has died. The police are still looking for the suspect but released no details or descriptions.


Months ago I read a story in the Indy Star that said folks in Indy could stand to live in a more sprinkled form of diversity. We needed to be neighbors more. This writer constantly baits her readers, so she was trying to make them feel uncomfortable. Indianapolis has also been cited as the best integrated city in the union. This blog is to track shootings in Indianapolis and look at the demographics of that location. I also want to track for themes: drugs, alcohol, previous arrests, etc. This might explain why those readers that the journalist was trying to 'guilt trip' are making a rationale choice by living where they live. She has picked multiple targets, even going so far as to dare black citizens to behave at the Indy Black Expo and then when they did behave, wonder if all the cops were needed. Silly journalist. This is a tracking of shootings in Indy and the surrounding area that I find in the Indy Star; the journalist's very employer.